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I am a creative lead who enjoys working with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams and marketers to create a vision for products and solutions. I thrive when planning advertisements, overseeing the creative process and giving guidance to a growning team. The goal is to always create harmony with the staff, and work directly with clients to present compelling work.

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Personally, I love to be involved on creative solutions for a vast variety of issues. The challenge is what motivates me to learn continuously. Discovering new techniques and methods is such a thrilling scenario to be in. I am a very hands-on person and I have a strong belief that in order to create gripping content you have to experience a compelling life. You should rarely be on the outside looking in. All aspects of life are mind over matter. I believe if you surpass all of the insecurities that are set up internally, then you open yourself up to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity.

I am looking to bring new ideas and positive change to a creative and curious team. The goal is to show a team how to quickly and successfully respond to the ever changing environments and situations, consistently achieve goals within critical project deadlines and leverage an eye for detail to ensure the quality and accuracy of projects. With that, I seek to strengthen the efficiency of any team I work on through a refined workflow, motivation, and mentoring.

I value all the working parts of the team. There is no job to small or to big. I am excited at the thought of the next problem that needs to be solved. To me there is no issue to great that can not be conquered with great design.

my main talents:

Graphic Design

Web Design


Video Editing


Team Partners
Projects Done


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Art Directed all digital and e-commerce
material for the brand.
Baxter print ads for  Magazine.
Collaberated with the marketing team as an Art Diretor, to create compelling e-commerce material for the Taryn Rose brand..
Beyoncé collaberation with H&M for, The Cut magazine as a site takeover
Beyoncé collaberation with H&M for H&M's summer campagin
Created fall website for the Katy Perry Shoe brand.
Compelling tablet creative for Piaget
Collaberation with Alaxander Wang and H&M For a large scale video takeover with The Cut Magazin
Created banner ad campaign.
Fall Fashion 2016 digital campaign for H&M
Fall Fashion 2016 responsive unit
Ronda Rousey collaberation with Reebok for , the perfect never campaign
Burberry main campaign tablet ad
Burberry spring through summer campaign
Levis flipbook start ad

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New York, US
Phone: 646 427 1654
Email: Jaycevision@gmail.com

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